Ian W.

I’ve been training at Vert for more than 10 years. This recently expanded space with semi-private sessions (with no more than 2 others working out at the same time with me) are tailored to my specific fitness goals. If you’re a high school or collegiate athlete, Vert will work out a program for you. If you’re an older athlete — as I’d like to think of myself — Vert will work out a specific program as well. It’s not one-size fits all, but many sizes for everyone.

Careful attention is paid to form and performance of each exercise. The Vert trainers are friendly and, most important, concerned about my physical well-being and progress. Flexibility, balance and mobility are becoming increasing concerns with age and the Vert trainers address these concerns in the workouts. The director of fitness monitors all of the fitness clients and discusses each individual’s progress with an eye toward fixing any deficiencies or weaknesses that can be addressed in the workout. At a lot of gyms you’re a paycheck or workout fee. At Vert, I’ve always felt welcomed and part of a group.

One of the things I like about Vert is that the trainers are constantly re-educating themselves on new trends in exercise and fitness. You don’t do the same thing every time. Each workout is different and challenging. I’ve worked out at different times of the day and different days of the week with all of the current trainers and each one of them brings something interesting to the experience in terms of knowledge, experience and encouragement.

The Vert machines are a particularly interesting invention, computer controlled push-pull machines where work is happening in both directions of the exercise. But the Vert machines are one feature of an overall workout which may also include a vibration platform, kettle bells, weighted water bags, resistance bands, TRX and conventional dumbbells and weight plates plus extensive core work and stretching. The Bulgarian Bag has also been making an appearance at the facility.

Vert has recently undergone an expansion. About 1000 square feet more space devoted to fitness has been added. Also just arrived an entire line of new cardio equipment. My understanding is more is coming. Part of the expansion saw PT move into its own private room.

Manager Kevin Theis has been advising on the Bulletproof diet for over a year now, and Vert has a display case of coffee, cacao butter, chocolate and other supplements from Bulletproof. If you’re into the diet — and I’ve been trying it — the display makes it very easy by buy Bulletproof products.

Kevin also conducts body fat and body composition testing at regular intervals with results stored for easy comparison. I’ve been charting my progress for some time with these results.

I’ve trained a corporate gyms where you’re just a body, and, they hope, a body that doesn’t come in too often. At Vert, the trainers are personally invested in your fitness outcome. I appreciate that.