Chris M.

In 2017 I herniated A disc in my lower back. I was advised by my doctor to come to Vert for my rehabilitation. I am glad they made this recommendation because these guys really know what there doing and have the utmost respect and kindness to the individuals they all treat. It’s pretty much a family over there. Great People! My main Psychical Therapists Were Kerry, Mike & Chris. These three individuals did such a good job. Once I began, they put my on a regiment where I was in a good position to become fully better, in which it was achieved. I had many times of doubt that I was on this long journy but they provided so much confidence that we will get through this.

Management- They did a great job. They are very good at organizing all paper work that you need help with if for any reason your insurances needs copies of anything.

Facility – Awesome. Very Clean. They have some of the best gym equipment.
The medical equipment is very very clean.

Parking- Lots of spaces. No need to worry about if your going to have walk far for spots on side streets.

Overall, Vert is the BEST!!!!