Cutting Edge Conditioning

Sports Conditioning at VERT is changing the way athletes look at performance training. The difference between winning and losing, of making the team or sitting in the stands, is most often a matter of what you do in sports training and not what you do in competition. At VERT we believe that a well-conditioned athlete will perform better, longer.  As a result, our sports conditioning program was developed to help our athletes move faster, jump higher, and play better. Even if you happen to be recovering from a sports injury such as an ACL tear, a hamstring strain or a frozen shoulder, we can rehab your injury to get you back on track and feeling 100%.

The Key to Unlocking Your Physical Potential

At VERT, you get the benefit of working with an athletic trainer, physical therapist and fitness trainer for an all-encompassing conditioning program that is both safe and effective. We utilize a combination of exercise disciplines to stimulate increases in strength, power and overall fitness without overloading sports-specific muscle groups and patterns of movement.

An integral part of our program is our state-of-the-art computerized equipment, which has proven to increase core strength and performance capability while decreasing an athlete’s tendency towards accumulated fatigue and overuse injuries. Athletes frequently take advantage of the VERT fitness jump device for greater elevation on their vertical jumps. Our velocity-enhanced resistance training equipment and isokinetic machines will push your muscles to full functionality so that you can perform better competitively, even during your daily activities. At VERT maximum effort yields measurable results in a minimum amount of time. So get VERT fit and win!

• Maximize Athleticism, Speed, and Power
• Higher Vertical Jumps and Enhanced Fast Twitch Reflexes
• Increase Sport-Specific Strength
• Increase Functional Core Strength and Rotary Power
• Develop Relentless Physical Conditioning
• Learn and Develop Proper Movement Mechanics
• Reduce the Risk for Sports Injury

Unbeatable Preparation for Team Sports

Our track record isn’t just proven in our gym, but also on the court and field. Athletes from local high schools, USC Athletics, and UCLA Athletics regularly rely on us in the off-season to get back into form. Finding just an athletic trainer to guide you or merely pumping irons to get buff can only get you so far. At VERT, we’ll build your confidence and performance in an individualized manner that is geared to your sport and the nature of your position. Our full-service, vertically integrated operation can cancel out any need to see an independent sports trainer, chiropractor or physical therapist because, at VERT, we do it all.

The Performance Lab of California

VERT gym membership also includes access to The Performance Lab of California. Our partnership with The Performance Lab allows our members to learn in-depth, scientific data about their own body strength, recovery rate, a risk for injury and raw power. After performing a series of exercises on a green screen backdrop, you will gain access to advanced performance data that no other doctor or gym could offer, giving you the best sports training possible. Learning about each area of your physique can give you the edge to perform fitness activities safely and confidently. For more information contact us at  Santa Monica, CA center or any of our offices in Brentwood, Westwood, Westgate, West LA, Sawtelle and more, so that our physical therapists can help you to live your life pain-free.