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Expert Physical Therapy to Get You Back in Business

As well as being a fitness gym, we are also a physical therapy center. If you suffer from a physical injury that requires rehabilitation, whether that injury is the result of an accident, the byproduct of some other chronic physical condition you have, or stems from athletic activity, VERT Sports Therapy can help. We offer physical therapy services at locations in Santa Monica, Reseda, Brentwood, Westwood, Sawtelle and West LA.

With a full staff of skilled licensed physical therapists experienced at dealing with all types of injuries, we are well equipped to expedite your recovery and get you back to your best. Additionally, because we are headed up by a physician—Dr. Walter Theis, M.D., a former long-time Director of Emergency Medicine at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica—we are able to offer an extra element of medical expertise with our therapy compared to other physical therapy centers, and a concern for maintaining or bolstering your health is always primary for us during the therapeutic process.

VERT Sports Therapy is recommended by medical doctors throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. They hold us in high regard because of the professional background and experience of our leadership and staff, the uniquely beneficial aspects of the high-tech VERT (Velocity Enhanced Resistance Training) exercise machines that we routinely employ as an integral part of our physical therapy program, and, of course, the results we deliver for our patients.

A Unique Aspect of Our Physical Therapy: One-of-a-Kind Equipment

Our standard physical therapy program for patients includes elements typically found in therapy programs elsewhere, such as injury evaluation and deployment of various traditional therapeutic techniques, all expertly performed by our physical therapists. Another element that is often included as a key part of our patients’ programs, however, is unique, and that is the use of cutting-edge, computer-controlled VERT exercise machines. In the Los Angeles metropolitan area, these machines are only found in our facilities! Within a physical therapy context, they function as rehab equipment, and they are the most advanced such equipment around.

The VERT machines are perfectly suited for the job because they feature continuous computer monitoring and adjustment of the resistance/weight that they present for injured patients who are using them. Also, the hydraulics-based machines don’t involve inertia, so you can work out on them without any danger of the weight becoming ballistic and causing injury. In short, the devices are low-impact, low-stress and low-risk.

Those physical therapy sessions that involve use of the VERT equipment are functional sessions in which workouts are performed in incrementally safe and efficient steps, thereby allowing you to get the most out of each workout while keeping you from pushing beyond your capabilities and risking re-injury. Ultimately, the sessions allow the physical therapists—who are experts on how to best utilize the VERT machines—to condition your body while nurturing and therapizing the particular body part that is injured, and help them quicken and enhance your recovery.

A Specialty of Ours: Sports Rehab

As our name indicates, we are particularly well-suited to providing therapy to athletes who’ve been sidelined by sports-related injuries and are now looking to get back in the game. Our sports therapy/sports rehab program fully integrates the disciplines of sports conditioning and physical therapy for a comprehensive approach that primes individuals for success upon their return to athletic activity.

The conditioning component of the sports rehab program uses both the VERT machines and various supplemental functional exercises to not only play a significant role in the rehabilitation, but also increase your speed, power, and cardiovascular fitness. With a thorough conditioning plan individually tailored to suit your sport, position and desired training focus, as well as a regular course of physical therapy delivered by our practitioners, who are experts at dealing with athletic injuries, you can speedily and safely recover from your injury and ultimately return to athletic activity with maximum functionality and actually able to perform better than ever before!